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Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. (KCFL)

KCFL began its operation in 1987 at Nimrani near Indore, West Madhya Pradesh and has earned cash profits each and every year, since its inception, even though SSP Industry has gone through tumultuous times. Today KCFL has earned the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of SSP in India. The company is producing top quality fertilizer, sold under the brand name of "Khaitan Khad", and is a the brand leader in Western Madhya Pradesh.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP) (Powder & GSSP):-
SSP manufactured and sold by Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited under the brand name "Khaitan Khad’ is amongst the most sought after brands in Western Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas. Being a straight fertilizer with easy application, low cost per bag and unique 12% sulphur content makes it very popular with the farmers. It is extensively used in crops like Oil Seeds, Groundnut, Potato etc. SSP is also manufactured in granulated form called GSSP. The granulated form of SSP easily dissolves in water and is absorbed by the crop.

Sulphuric Acid:-
The company is not only manufacturing high grade Sulphuric Acid for its captive consumption but it is also selling in the market. There is a high demand for Sulphuric Acid in adjoining areas.

Oleum 65%, Oleum 25% & Liquid SO3:-
These are derivatives of Sulphuric Acid and are used as intermediate products for manufacture of dyes & Chemicals. Also used as sulphating and sulphonating agent, as a dehydrating agent in nitrations, petroleum refining, laboratory reagent etc. The products are of very high quality and in demand by the consumer industries.

Power:- The company generates steam as a by-product in the manufacturing process and has installed a Turbo generator to generate upto 3325 KW power by utilising this steam. The Company has  further installed and commissioned in Dhulia, Maharashtra in September 2006 a Wind turbine Generator with a capacity of 1250 KW, for generation of electricity by harnessing the winds.

Refined Soya Oil: - See Khaitan Agro.

The Company’s main activities are Fertilizer, Sulphuric Acid, Soya Oil and Power Generation for captive consumption.


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